The Chapter 13 Trustee's new budget year begins October 1, 2017. In the proposed new budget, the Trustee percentage is projected to remain at 7.5%, but for planning purposes, attorneys should calculate plans using a higher percentage.

On December 1, 2017, the bankruptcy rules change, in particular regarding proofs of claim: Rules 3002(a) and (c), 3007(a), 3012, 3015, 4003 and 5009. Please review.

Detroit Annual ABI Veteran's Day Seminar is November 10, 2017 and includes Annual Case Law Update, with summaries of more than 9,800 cases, fully indexed and searchable. This one day seminar provides excellent materials and speakers. Please consider attending. More information is available.

Tax Season

Please submit “all” income tax returns using
All tax returns and W2’s must redact the SS number for the debtor(s) and any dependents. – on ALL pages
Be sure to provide all Federal, State and City if applicable returns including all W-2 statements.
Please submit the returns in proper order and make sure that the scanned copies are legible.
If the debtor(s) file an extension please submit a copy to our office via as well. You may use the tax return upload option.  

If your client will be asking to retain the refunds DO NOT include the refund request forms with the uploaded tax returns. You will want to submit the refund request forms (with supporting documentation) to the appropriate case analysts via email.

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