The Mission of this Chapter 13 Trustee's Office is to create an environment for success through service to the bankruptcy community by providing accurate accounting, efficient administration and continuous education.

Standing Trustees are committed to excellence and to providing a high level of trust and service to chapter 13 debtors and creditors. Creditors, debtors, attorneys, judges and others who come into contact with Standing Trustees are entitled to service which adheres to the highest standards of professional, moral and ethical conduct. Read more …

The website resources below are available to you free of charge. These sites will allow you to monitor the progress of your case or the cases of your clients. You will be able to view receipts, payments disbursed to creditors, and claims filed.


Barb Foley has converted to the “Fees on Receipt” (FOR) accounting method on January 1, 2015, as required by the U.S. Trustee. As a result, we have upgraded our computer software. You may notice some changes when reading information on the 13Network or the NDC site.