Please remember that although the Chapter 13 Trustee and staff are dedicated to helping you successfully complete your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan, we cannot provide you with legal advice. Therefore, it is critical that you maintain good communication with your attorney as you work toward achieving that important goal. If you do not have an attorney to represent you, we strongly encourage you to retain one.

The Trustee is pleased to provide the following Debtor Orientation Handbook. This Debtor Orientation booklet will cover the following:

  1. The Trustee's philosophy and role in your Chapter 13 case

  2. What to expect during your Chapter 13 case

  3. Where, how and when to make payments

  4. Potential pitfalls to avoid for a successful case

  5. How to monitor the progress of your Chapter 13 plan

  6. Frequently asked questions

Chapter 13 Section 341 Meetings will be conducted remotely via ZOOM. In order for the hearings to be conducted, verify yourself or your attorney as done the following:

  1. Upload identification documents to the Trustee's office using no later than 2 business days prior to the Section 341 Meeting.

  2. Review the ZOOM Video-conference 341 Instructions here.

  3. On the Zoom App or, click join meeting. Enter the meeting ID and passcode from the Notice of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case or click the link below.

Click Here to Join Section 341 Meeting for Chapter 13 Trustee Barbara Foley

Meeting ID: 488 178 9487

Passcode: 1170099941

If you are a creditor, you may join by telephone. Call 269-234-7702 , enter meeting ID 488 178 9487, and passcode 1170099941. If joining by Zoom, please ensure your screen name reflects the creditor's name. If filing pro se (without and attorney), please contact the Trustee's office at 269-343-0305