Through this method, the Trustee’s office will be able to withdraw a specific plan payment directly from the debtor's checking or savings account. This can occur once or twice a month, depending on how you would like this set up. The dates that are currently being used are the 5th and 22nd of each month. The Trustee also participates with TFS Bill Pay. TFS offers more flexibility when it comes to the the dates of withdrawal from your account. Please visit TFS Bill Pay for more information.

What are the ACH rules?
View the ACH rules document for specifics.

How do you set up the ACH?
You will need to fill out and return the ACH authorization and provide the Trustee’s office with a voided check, which will provide all necessary information regarding the bank account to be deducted from. If you decide to set this up regarding a savings account, you should submit a voided deposit ticket which will provide the account information.

Do you need to adjust the ACH each time the plan is amended?
No, the Trustee’s office will update the amount of the ACH pull based on the Order Approving the amended Plan and a letter will go out to the debtors to notify them of the adjustment.

Can the date of the withdrawal be changed?
Yes, the debtor or Attorney may contact the Trustee’s office to change the date of the withdrawal from the 5th to the 22nd of each month or from the 22nd to the 5th of each month.

What if the account does not have sufficient funds available when the pull occurs?
If the full amount of the payment is not available, it will result in a Non-Sufficient Funds notice. At that time, the ACH will be cancelled and payments will need to be made via one of the other options.

All ACH-related questions may be directed to Jolleen Hillring (269-343-0305, ext. 233).